When will the new equipment be installed?

    After the consultation closes, Council will advertise a public quote in July 2020.

    Construction is estimated to be complete by the end of September 2020.

    Why are we upgrading the playground?

    In late 2018, Litchfield Council commissioned an independent audit of the playgrounds at Humpty Doo Village Green.

    The playground audit identified that three free standing slides urgently require soft fall to meet Australian Standards for playgrounds and ensure children safety.

    Council considered the costs of installing soft fall, the adjacent trees that may have been affected by the installation of soft fall and the remaining life span of the three structures.

    As a result, three free standing slides were removed.

    What is the budget for this playground?

    Litchfield Council received funding from the Northern Territory Government to undertake projects that will use local businesses and keep people in their jobs.

    With this funding Council identified a range of projects, one of which is the playground upgrades at the Village Green.

    The budget allocated to this project is $80,000.